Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are the son of the soils. As Volunteer, you will render service for the humanity , off the humanity , by the humanity . A volunteer acts benevolent public works which is invaluable for the cause of the development of the society.A Volunteer can be anybody. There is no age limit to begin a volunteer, no preferred categories, no salary specification, no special degree or work experience.Be the change of the Nation , Be the Dream that you want to see to yourself and be it in the world and that is act of a volunteer which serving for others without expect a retrun. Arona Foundation is only a medium to connect you to some hardcore realities of this country. Visit our site to understand the cause of humanity , peace and solutions for the right cause.

Volunteering in different ways

With Your Network

Talk to 10: Beyond money and material, spread the word around in your own network of friends, family and colleagues to get more people to take some positive action. It could be about sponsoring Arona Foundation , spreading the word about Safe the Nations connecting to people to people to make the world a better tomorrow.

Promoting Study in Abroad

Study Abroad by Arona Foundation  is a project of Arona International , the mother company that promote international education in broad spectrum to facilitate Bangladesh student to the road to Euro Asia for obtaining international recognized degrees in the world class universities. You can promote these education products for conferences, workshops, camps, etc. or connect us to organizations that promote sustainable academic lifestyles or organize stalls in various corporate, schools, colleges, exhibitions etc. To visit our site, click

Saving Humanity , Saving a Life

Arona Foundation undertake a several project to help the distress people of Bangladesh You can organize colleges, universities, societies. Connect us to research and academic institutes and eminent people where our program can be placed for to help the distress people of Bangladesh.

Working with children

Arona Foundation undertake  ‘School to School’ initiative engages with urban schools, kids, teachers & parents. You can reach out to schools to organize sessions, stalls, exposure visits and collection drives for Arona Foundation international education programs and offers.

Raise Your Hand for Women’s Dignity and Menstruation

If you are passionate about breaking the culture of shame and silence around menstruation, get involved in this work with us at

Organizing Awareness Cum Collection Camps

Wherever you are, you can organize a collection camp for Arona Foundation in your city and drop collected material through email and other social media to Facebook page of Arona Foundation .

Donation of Books Lover’s Campaign

A lot of people contribute their books to Arona Foundation The one’s relevant for rural Bangladesh are reached out to rural libraries, schools etc. while others are reached out at reasonable prices to urban masses through  stalls at book fairs, college fests, in schools, etc.

Living Abroad

-Actively spread awareness through forums and speaker opportunities.

-Connect Arona Foundation with your Bangladesh network.

-Organize crowdfunding with a regular Monetary Donation and motive others.

-Become a part of Arona Foundation Team with committed Giving.

Skills to share

Want to volunteer with IT, Corel draw, Photoshop, writing, videography, translation etc?
You are requested to Register for Volunteering

You are requested to Register for Volunteering

Want to volunteer with IT, Corel draw, Photoshop, writing, videography, translation etc.
You are requested to Register for Volunteering

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Volunteers usually don’t get a certificate at Arona Foundation because we believe Volunteering is about doing something selflessly. While we value your time and efforts, certificates are only issued for internship which is for 1 month at least and involves working full time with the team.
Please note that contributing your surplus material is not volunteering.  If you are from a corporate/school/college/institution and want to involve your team in volunteering for Arona Foundation, Please  write to [email protected]