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Arona Foundation started its journey to help Covid-19 victims led by Eastern News Agency (ENA) & Arona International of Dhaka , Bangladesh.

Arona Foundation incepted on March 2020 as a foundation in Bangladesh with the spirit to co-ordinate and arrange Food Relief and disaster management services.

Message from Arona Foundation

The inception of Arona Foundation was the bold steps of Omar Yasser Mallick & Khodeja Shifa Ony of Eastern News Agency (ENA) of Bangladesh with the aims and objectivity to combat with Covid 19 pandemics and to support the Covid 19 victims of Bangladesh. Thus the Arona Foundation formed with the spirit and under the call of Founder & Ceo Omar Yasser Mallick.

Mr. Mallick took the charge to execute main goals and values in Bangladesh mission as the Asian chief. He has founded first core members of the team and helped them to show their unique talents in work process. He made a really important first steps towards the development of our mission in Asia.

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Meet our team

The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make you happy


Omar Yasser Mallick

Arona Foundation-Asia
Founder & CEO


Khodeja Shifa

Co Owner & Legal Consultant – Arona International , Arona Foundation

Kashem Ali

Volunteer Management Consultant – United Kingdom

Fariya Mallick

Arona Foundation – Project Consultant


Mahir Diayan

General Manager Arona Foundation


Hasan Munawar

Editor video panel

Omar Faruque

Team IT Architect

Imtiaz Ahamed Nayeem

Dhaka Team Leader


Samiul Hassan

Team Leader (Dhaka) – Ek belar khabar food for street animals


Md Rafiqul Islam

Team Leader

Joy Chandra

Co Team Leader

Mahmud Sadiq

Nationwide Team Leader